The Design and Technology Process: The Brain Behind Successful Creations

The layout and generation technique is a systematic chain of sports via which objects are produced to address the wishes of people and that of the society. It assists amateur and seasoned designers to supply hand-made articles to satisfy our simple needs. The paramount of these wishes is safe haven and then meals and apparel. Articles for storing gadgets which include meals, oil, etc. Are made. Apparels for private adornment and other merchandise to improve our livelihood are made possible through sports inside the layout and era manner. Creative competencies are evolved and better via sports inside the layout and technology manner. Organisational abilities, production skills, thinking skills are learnt because the artist goes via the design process. These talents, whilst developed, can be utilized in generating useful items which whilst bought can aid in gratifying one’s financial needs.

The desires, tastes and aspirations of clients are satisfactorily met while steps in the design manner are meticulously followed. Clients’ priorities and specifications including shape, size, color, etc are glad. This helps in preserving right consumer family members and mass mobilisation of income.

There are ten steps within the layout and generation system. These are:

i. The hassle identification
ii. Definition of the hassle
iii. Investigation of the problem
iv. Possible solutions
v. Idea development
vi. Preliminary designing/version making
vii. Working drawing
viii. Prototype/version
ix. Evaluation
x. Production

(i) The hassle identity:

This is the primary level of the layout process wherein the prevailing trouble that requires the manufacturing of the object is certainly stated. For instance, maximum students in a ladies’ faculty had been misplacing their ID playing cards and money.

(ii) Definition of the problem:

This is the second one level of the design system where the specific nature of the hassle is mentioned together with the to be had substances and monetary strength of the client. For instance, maximum of the girls do not have purses for keeping those gadgets which might be why they lose them so easily. There is a heap of leather-based off-cuts deposited on the visible artwork studio of the school.

(iii) Investigation of the trouble:

This is the 0.33 and most vital stage within the design technique whereby the fashion designer engages in studies and evaluation to locate the precise technique to the hassle.

He asks himself numerous questions and attempts to discover solutions by using sporting out an intensive research. For example, what is really inflicting the misplacement of the cash as well as the ID cards? Is it that the students are careless or there are thieves inside the faculty? Or is it simply that the students don’t have an area to soundly maintain these items? A thorough research proved that the scholars want a handbag to permit them safely hold those items.

He then probes into the form, length and form of the thing; the gear and substances for the manufacturing; the value of the item; the method of production; the protection of the object; the cultural factors and the very last look of the article.

• The form, size and form of the thing- This need to be taken into consideration very cautiously. For example, since the handbag is for college students, it should not be too bulky and need to be able to fit into the pockets in their college uniforms. A rectangular purse measuring 10cm period × 8cm width will be very suitable.

• The gear and materials for the production- In deciding on the tools and substances, the artist has to do not forget their availability, suitability and durability as well as the economic electricity of clients. Since the leather-based off-cuts are freely considerable inside the department, long lasting and appropriate for the production of the handbags, it will be used. Simple leather implements and equipment inside the visual art studio may be used for the production of the purse.

• The cost of the thing- The cost of an article is generally dependent on the whole production fee and the profit margin which tiers from 5%-10% of the overall manufacturing value. The fee of the handbag ought to be slight and less expensive to the pupil body.

• The approach of manufacturing- This refers back to the manufacturing strategies used for the production of the item. Simple production techniques must be used inside the production of the handbag. These consist of cutting, stitching, glueing, and thonging. These will allow the visual artwork students to help inside the manufacturing of the purses.

• The safety of the thing- This is ensuring that the produced item might now not motive any injury or damage to the customers. For example, rough edges of the purse need to be smoothened. Zippers and other fasteners of the purse have to be fixed nicely to avoid all kinds of harm.

• The cultural factors- The desire of design and colours of the gadgets have to reflect the ideals and aspirations of the consumer. It must mirror the subculture of the patron. Adinkra symbols that incorporate gem stones of our cultural values and norms can be used in designing the purse.

• The final appearance of the article- The completing method used in completing the product must ensure that the coping with, protection and enchantment of the item is enhanced or improved. For the handbag, the floor of the leather used may be completed both via burnishing or sprucing.

(iv) Possible answers:

Reliable treatments in addressing the hassle are advised. Several ideas are obtained from the surroundings. Elements of layout which include strains, shapes, colorings and many others. And principles of the layout like harmony, cohesion, stability, dominance and so forth. Are placed to work in generating types of layout for the handbag. The maximum appropriate design in order to first-rate solve the problem at stake is taken.

(v) Idea development:

The maximum appropriate idea or design is further developed and labored on thru collection of degrees through either including or subtracting a few elements of the unique design. The most important components of the authentic layout are retained even as the opposite info are worked directly to increase a unique and original design. This might ensure that the maximum appropriate and suitable design is chosen for the work.

(vi) Preliminary designing/Model making:

Preliminary designs or model of the final layout is made the usage of materials. This makes the paintings more actual due to the fact that it is in a 3-dimensional form showing the duration, breadth, and height of the work.

(vii) Working drawing:

At this degree, the diverse elements of the article are drawn to scale to assist the clothier inside the making of the final article. The real measurements of all of the parts of the paintings are shown. For instance, the measurements of the perimeters, base and gusset of the purse are without a doubt indicated in the running drawings. This can be used in generating styles or templates of the item conveniently. It would also assist producers in producing the same item in mass quantities with accuracy and precision.

(viii) Prototype/Model:

This is the level at some point of which the running drawings are used inside the construction of a prototype of the article. The prototype is the exact duplicate or photocopy of the final article. The prototype is built for the purposes of look at or testing to understand if the article could be able to remedy the problem for which it become produced. For instance, the prototype handbag is proven to a number of the focused institution or quit customers hence the students for their remarks on the shape, shade and different functions of the purse to be produced.

(ix) Production:

This is the level whereby the very last article is produced the usage of the tools, materials and production methods noted above. The remarks of the cease users whilst weighed and is fantastic, is factored within the actual manufacturing of the work.

(x) Evaluation:

This is the final degree of the design system wherein the product is subsequently tested or evaluated to peer whether it can in the end deal with the trouble. The paintings is shown to friends, instructors and experts within the field for his or her comments and evaluation. The final corrections for the product are made at this degree.